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  • Theresa Furey
    1954 -2008

    Conrad Furey was a self taught Canadian Artist, with his work bordering on a naif style. The bulk of his success has been with the memories of his East Coast upbringing, "Living away [from Newfoundland] means that I can get to the essence on the memories more easily, there's less distractions. The years I spent growing up in Newfoundland, that's where all these images are from."

    "It seems that Newfoundland defines me and my life growing up on an idyllic coast of this grudging isle. Our front door looked out onto an ocean bay, and that was my focus. I remember thinking about how it would have been to follow in my father's footsteps, living off the sea. I loved those times spent out fishing together, but I also realized I would have to make my own way in the world, as our back door symbolically looked out onto mines and other kinds of work. It seems I paint what I dreamt of doing with my life. My portrayals of the everyday life of Canadians, marks me as an important National Artist. My works, although most definitely Canadian have a universality that makes them appreciated by peoples from all corners."


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